• UX: Quantitative & Qualitative Research | User Personas | User Journeys | Storyboarding | User Flows | Low/Mid-Fidelity Wireframes | Prototypes | Usability Testing | AB Testing

  • UI: UI Design | Branding & Logo Design | Brand Guidelines 

  • Product Management: Agile scrum methodology | Development supervision (Backend, Web, iOS & Android) | Stakeholder management

  • Line Management: I have lead two types of teams so far

    When I was at Wango I lead a cross-functional product team of 6 people (all of senior levels) ranging from development, to design and marketing). Part of it was distributed across different timezones but we would have daily stand-ups.

    While at Camelot, I was managing a team of 3 people: 2 UX designers (1 senior, 1 junior) and 1 Junior UI designer. I have been in charge of putting together a new design process, making sure no-one worked overcapacity and while the senior UX didn’t need any hand-holding, I had to make sure that the business’s time estimates for the junior designers were realistic, that they would understand the requirements, etc.

    Generally speaking, my type of management is rather consultative and result-based: I’m a listener because at the end of the day you need to understand the reality of the field, for your team, in order to give them all the tools and support so they deliver efficiently and to the best of their capacity. I also like to lead by example and be hands-on.

  • UX Mentoring: I have successfully mentored more junior designers at Camelot and Meta.


  • Design:  Sketch | Figma | Invision | Balsamiq | Overflow | Miro | Mural | Principle | Marvel | Adobe Photoshop CC | Adobe Illustrator CC

  • User Testing: | Hotjar | Mouseclick 

  • Communication & Project Management: Slack | Trello | Google G Suite | Jira | Asana